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Has the Winner of The Masked Singer Just Been Leaked?


With only three celebrities left to reveal themselves in "The Masked Singer" battle, it seems that the winner may have just been leaked online...

And when we say leaked it is kind of a long shot but let us explain and then you can decide.

So the Grand Final of this year’s season is set to play out next week and will see The Queen, The Bushranger and The Frillneck battle it out.

Online betting agency Sportsbet has an Outright Winner Tip currently running and well the odds may suggest that someone with inside information about the winner has given away the secret.

You see there is one celebrity in front to take out the competition, none other than The Queen (who is rumoured to be Aussie artist Kate Miller-Heidke).

The Queen is currently sitting at $1.30 and is the clear front runner with The Bushranger coming in next (rumoured to be Jessica Mauboy) at $4 and The Frillneck rounding up the tail end sitting at $7.

According to The Daily Mail, "the last episode was secretly filmed in Melbourne and Sydney on Tuesday night" and with the current odds showing a clear winner there is speculation that the winner has been leaked.

What do you think, has the winner just been 'leaked'?

The Finale will air Monday, September 15 at 7.30 pm on Network Ten.

Image Credit @themaskedsingerau Facebook