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Jetstar Has Gone Crazy With Their Domestic Flights Launching A $19 SALE!

Jetstar has gone crazy with their domestic flights launching a 19 SALE

Although that International holiday is looking likely to be off the cards until 2021, don’t fret Jetstar have only gone and launched an EPIC SALE on Domestic Travel to keep our holiday goals alive!

Don’t tell the boss but we have searched through the possible flights this morning and well we are now planning some epic Aussie adventures.

The budget airline has released 10,000 one-way fares for a ridiculous price of $19 on 22 of the most popular holiday routes.

$19 Flight Options

  • Adelaide to Cairns
  • Adelaide to Melbourne
  • Adelaide to Sydney
  • Cairns to Gold Coast
  • Brisbane to Proserpine
  • Brisbane to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Townsville
  • Melbourne to Ballina
  • Melbourne to Cairns
  • Melbourne (Avalon) to Gold Coast
  • Melbourne to Gold Coast
  • Melbourne to Newcastle
  • Melbourne (Avalon) to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Sunshine Coast
  • Newcastle to Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Ballina
  • Sydney to Cairns
  • Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Proserpine
  • Sydney to Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney to Townsville

To secure the low price of $19 you must book your travel between the dates of July 14 to September 17 and October 6 to October 31.

And if the destination you are dreaming of has missed the $19 sale list don’t fret because according to there are 200,000 seats on sale starting from the low price of $45.

Other Destinations

  • Adelaide to Brisbane ($65)
  • Adelaide to Darwin ($89)
  • Adelaide to Gold Coast ($79)
  • Brisbane to Cairns ($69)
  • Brisbane to Darwin ($79)
  • Brisbane to Mackay ($49)
  • Brisbane to Melbourne ($79)
  • Brisbane to Newcastle ($45)
  • Melbourne to Darwin ($89)
  • Melbourne to Proserpine ($75)
  • Melbourne to Townsville ($75)
  • Sydney to Darwin ($99)
  • Sydney to Hamilton Island ($79)

The flights are on sale from 9am TODAY until midnight Monday, June 22 (unless sold out prior).

And if you are as keen as us for a holiday, its time to fill out that annual leave form!