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Last Normal Photo - The New Social Media Viral Trend


Image Credit: Jonathan Russell

 The challenge is to post the last normal photo you have on your phone prior to the coronavirus lockdown. And people from all over the world have been responding in droves.

Trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can find some heartwarming photos as well as some really sad ones.

Why don't you share your last normal photo with us on Facebook using the hashtag #lastnormalphoto because we would love to see it! 

Here are a few different last normal photo posts...

#lastnormalphoto March 5th. CBA South Concert Band Festival. This turned out to be the last performance of Ryan’s junior...

Posted by Mayzie Schaeffer Brown on Wednesday, 20 May 2020


This is the #LastNormalPhoto I took before the coronavirus took over everything!! The family and I were celebrating my...

Posted by Joel Castrillo on Tuesday, 19 May 2020