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Bottle Cap Challenges Wins the Internet

Social media “challenges” have been a great way to pass the time in recent years as well as raise awareness for some important charities.

We've seen the likes of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" which although uncomfortable could be completed by anybody.

The latest internet craze does however require some skill to complete.

The Bottle Cap Challenge, which has been doing the rounds and building momentum in recent days, has seen many celebrities, including actors, fighters, and artists showing us their best precision reverse roundhouse kicks on Instagram.

To perform the challenge successfully, anyone accepting the call to action must kick the cap off a bottle without toppling the bottle.

Seems easy enough.. especially if you are Jason Statham..


Even John Mayer has given it a go



This slow motion one looks incredible!


and I honestly thought the dog was going to do it in this one


So how do you get started? You simply get nominated, so I nominate you, upload your video to instagram and make sure you tag us so we can see your amazing effort (Even if you don't knock the cap off).

Have fun and be safe!