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Gympie: 9 Tozer Street, Gympie QLD Cooroy: 13 Diamond Street, Cooroy QLD
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(07) 5483 8333
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Sauers is a Gympie icon and your local supplier of agricultural, gardening and animal care products. We stock a comprehensive range of products for gardeners and hobbyists, as well as rural supplies for farmers.Being independent outlets, our stores have the freedom to stock the best products for local needs. You can be sure of finding what you’re needing at our Gympie and Cooroy stores.With thousands of essential items available and our knowledgeable staff on hand with free advice to help, getting the right product or tool for the job is no hassle at Sauers.Originally established in 1932, Sauers relaunched in 1997 to provide our customers with an extended product range. We haven’t forgotten our roots though. We provide the same courteous, old-fashioned service we’ve always been known for. Visit our Gympie or Cooroy store today for the best customer service, along with the best produce and garden supplies.