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The Blurred Truth, Sunday 10pm - 12am

"The Blurred Truth" is a show about conspiracy theories.

Fact verses Fiction.Every week, we'll have experts on air discussing some of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time.


• Did man actually land on the Moon?
• Who shot JFK?
• Is Planet X real?

Bilko is the man behind the mic (sorry we can't reveal his real identity) and he's gathered a team of 'Alfoil' wearing conspiracy theorists, who'll investigate, the blurred truth...

Regular features include:

• The Blurred Truth, Believe it, or Not
• The Blurred Truth, Conspiracy Theories
• The Blurred Truth, News
• The Blurred Truth, Insider Update
• The Blurred Truth, Horoscopes
• The Blurred Truth, Tarro Cards
• The Blurred Truth, True or False
• The Blurred Truth, FBI Update

Even the music is selected to fit the Conspiracy Theory Theme.


It will create a cult following, but get in quick, because once the FBI find out about this show, it may need to be cancelled and Bilko will have to go into hiding again.